Weddings, Business Meetings, Reunions, Fundraisers



Weddings, Business Meetings, Reunions, Fundraisers

Allen and Rick Staley formed a partnership and started Staley's Food Service, Inc. in 1988. The small catering business expanded so much by 2000 that they decided to remodel a former grocery store to make a new catering headquarters.They added a six bay building to hold all of the trucks, trailers and barbecue grills they use to transport great food to you. 

Staley's Food Service has been known for their signature broasted chicken. However, chicken is not all that Staley's cooks to perfection. Rick and Allen have made sure that all types of food they cater is the most flavorful and fresh. Staley's also caters for some of the lowest prices around. With Staley's food presentation and price you can't go wrong! 



The Fleet

Kitchens on wheels.

The Fleet

Kitchens on wheels.

Our customized trucks allow us to bring kitchens to the event sites when needed.

The Center

The Center

Upcoming fund raisers

Upcoming fund raisers


10/28/17 Vail Fire Department                              Vail Comm. Bldg.                    Grilled Ribeye steak     5-8

10/29/17 Stuart Knight of Columbus                     Stuart Parish Hall                   Staleys’ chicken            10:30-1

11/1/17 United Methodist Church                         Audubon Hall                        Staleys' chicken             5-7

11/5/17 Holy Family Catholic Church                   Council Bluffs, St. Alberts     Staleys' chicken             11-3

11/8/17 United Methodist Church                        Woodbine Hall                      Staleys' chicken             4:30-7

11/9/17  Denison-Schleswig After Prom             Denison Armory                    Staleys' chicken             4:30-7

11/12/17 St. Mary’s Catholic Church                     Avoca Church Hall                Staleys’ chicken             11-1:30

11/17/17 St. Pius X Catholic Church                     Omaha Parish Hall              Staleys' chicken                 5-7:30

11/17/17 Arcadia Betterment                                Arcadia Hall                         Staleys' chicken                 5-7:00

11/18/17 Shelby County Catholic Schools            Westpahlia Hall                          Staleys' chicken             6-7:30

11/19/17 Sacred Heart Catholic Church               Templeton Hall                     Staleys’ chicken             4-7

12/2/17 Danbury Methodist Church                     Danbury Dana Hall               Staleys' chicken             4:30-7

1/21/18 Sacred Heart Catholic Church                 Manning Parish Hall             Staleys’ chicken                   4-7

1//21/18 Woodbine Main St.                                 Woodbine School                  Staleys' chicken                   11-1

1/27/18 Neola Catholic Church                              Neola Parish Hall                 Staleys’ chicken                     4:30-7:30

2//18CYO Omelet breakfast                               Charter Oak Comm. Bldg   Omelet, French toast            9-12

2/9/18St. Mary's Catholic Church                       Mapleton Comm. Bldg.l          Staleys' chicken                     5-8

2/11/18 St. Lawrence Catholic Church              Carroll Parish Hall                Staleys’ chicken             4-6:30

2/11/18Charter Oak Community Club BBQ       Charter Oak Comm. Bldg.  Barbecue pork & beef       11-12:30

2/16/18 Charter Oak Fire Dept                             Charter Oak Comm. Bldg.   Fish & Shrimp                 5-7:30

2/16/18 Mapleton Methodist Church                    Mapleton Comm. Bldg.       Fried Fish                        5-7:00

2/18/18 Defiance Fire Dept.                                Definace Parish Hall           Staleys’ chicken                  4-7

2/23/18 Onawa/Blencoe Knight of Columbus      St. John's Onawa                Fried Fish                            5-7:00   



3/4/18 Ricketts Fire Department                          Ricketts Comm. Center       Staleys' chicken                    11-1:30

2/23/18 St. Rose of Lima School                          Denison Parish Hall            Fried, baked fish & shrimp   4:30-7:30

3/17/18St. Patricks Catholic Church                     Audubon Fair grounds      Staleys' chicken                    5-7:30

3/18/18 Adair Methodist Church                            Adair Community CenterStaleys' chicken                      10:45-1

3/22/18 Eventide/Silveridge                                   Denison, Our Savior Lutheran  Staleys' chicken           4:30-7

3/31/17 Onawa/Blencoe Knight of Columbus       St. John's Onawa               Fried Fish                               5-7:00  

4/7/18 St. Rose of Lima School                              Denison, Stables at Copper Ridge                Staleys' chicken & pork loin 5:30-7

3/11/18 Holy Spirit Ladies Guild                              Carroll Parish Hall              Staleys' chicken                    4-7

4/8/18 Charter Oak Community Club                   Charter Oak Comm. Bldg.  Staleys' chicken                     11-1

3/16/18 Holy Name Catholic Church                     Manilla Parish Hall                Fish & Shrimp                 4:30-7:30

3/25/18Sacred Heart Catholic Church                Woodbine Parish Hall          Staleys' chicken                   11-1:30

3/25/18 Wall Lake Catholic Church                       Wall Lake Parish Hall          Staleys' chicken                    11-1:30

4/16/17  Easter Sunday    Happy Easter

4/20/17  Myrtue Hospital Auxiliary                          Harlan Vet's                         Staleys' chicken              5-7

4/23/17 Holy Name of Roselle                                Halbur Hall                           Staleys' chicken                  4-7

4/23/17 Minden Fire & Rescue                               Minden Hall                        Staley's chicken               4-6:30

6/4/17 St. Peters Catholic Church                         Defiance Hall                      Staleys' chicken                 11-2

6/25/17  Adel Catholic Church                              Adel Parish Hall                   Staleys' chicken              10:3-1 

7/4/17 St. Boniface Catholic Church                    Westpahlia Hall                    Staleys’ chicken             4-7:30

7/9/17 Charter Oak Achievement Days              Charter Oak Park                 Barbecue pork & beef   4:30-6

7/15/17 St. Joseph’s Catholic Church                   Earling Hall                           Staleys’ chicken              4:30-7:30      

7/30/17 St. Mary’s Catholic Church                       Portsmouth Hall                   Staleys’ chicken              4-7

8/6/17 Immaculate Conception Church               St. Mary’s, IA Parish Hall      Staleys’ chicken               1-6

8/13/17 Gowrie Lutheran Church ELCA               Gowrie                                      Staleys’ chicken                 11-1

8/13/17 Danbury Catholic School                         Danbury Parish Center        Staleys’ chicken               10:45-1

8/20/17 United Lutheran Church                          Shelby Comm.. Bldg.           Staleys’ chicken                11-1

8/20/17 Emmanuel Lutheran Church                   Lake View Church                   Staleys’ chicken                 11-1

8/26/17 Tri-Center Athletic Boosters                    Minden Comm. Center         Staleys’ chicken                 5:30-7

8/27/17 Vail 150th Celebration                             Vail Community Building        Staleys' chicken               11-1

9/9/17 Carsten 1880 Farmstead                           Shelby Farm                         Staleys’ chicken                 5-7

9/10/17 St. Marys Catholic Women’s                    Anita Church Hall                  Staleys’ chicken                11-1

9/10/17 St. Patrick’s Altar Society                          Dunlap Parish Hall                Staleys’ chicken                11-2

9/13/17 AR-WE-VA Scholarship Fund                   Westside Comm. Bldg        Staleys’ chicken                5-7:30

9/16/17 Schleswig Calf Show Days                       Schleswig Comm. Bldg      Staleys’ chicken                11:30-1

9/17/17 Onawa/Blencoe Knight of Columbus      St. John's Onawa                Staleys’ chicken               11-2

9/20/17 Exira Lutheran Church                            Exira Church Hall                Staleys’ chicken                4:30-7:30

9/21/17  Myrtue Hospital Auxiliary                        Harlan Vets                         Staleys' chicken                11-1:00

9/24/17 St. Joseph Catholic Church                    Salix Parish Hall                   Staleys’ chicken               11-2

9/24/17 St. Patrick’s Catholic Church                  Walnut Parish Hall               Staleys’ chicken               11-1

9/27/17 Harlan Methodist Church                       Harlan Vet's Auditorium     Staleys’ chicken               5:30-7:30

9/27/17 Mapleton Methodist Church                  Mapleton Church Hall        Staleys’ chicken               5:30-7:30

10/1/17 St. Cecilia's Catholic Church                   Panora Legion Hall             Staleys’ chicken               11-1:30

10/1/17 Holy Trinity Catholic Church                    Exira REC Center                Staleys’ chicken               4:30-7

10/8/17 St. Michael's Catholic Church                 Harlan Parish Hall                 Staleys’ chicken               11-2

10/11/17 Zion Lutheran Church                             Denison Parish Hall            Staleys’ chicken              4:30-7:30

10/15/17 St. Mary's Catholic Church                     Mapleton Parish Hall          Turkey & dressing            4-7

10/15/17 United Church of Christ                          Schleswig Parish Hall         Staleys’ chicken                11-12:30

10/18/17 Denison United Methodist Church        Denison Church Hall         Grilled sirloin steak          4:30-7:30